VA Hospital Draft EIS Meeting Comments Due 12 December 16

Here is a link to the Draft EIS. Click here.

Friends of Crossgate, submit your comments about the EIS and VA Hospital build BY DECEMBER 12, 2016. 

[Even though our attorney asked for an extension for submission, it would be prudent to complete your comments by December 12th, 2016].

Comments may be submitted via email at:

or mailed to:

Robley Rex VAMC
Attn:  Replacement VAMC Activation Team Office
800 Zorn Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206

or you can drop your comments off to the Robley Rex VAMC at their front desk.

Even if you have submitted comments about the VA from previous meetings, our attorney suggests updating and re-submitting comments to ensure our concerns are adequately heard.


VA Hospital Public Draft EIS Meeting 15 November 16

Dear Friends and Neighbors of Crossgate,

Click Here for the hand outs from the VA at the meeting.

Also, if you wish to download the 572 page Draft EIS document, feel free to click here:

The Draft EIS is also available on our website, under NEWS/EVENTs

Several of our Crossgate neighbors and Commissioners/Mayor submitted our comments to the VA during this public forum.

Neighbors like Irene Yeager were also interviewed by media outlets, to include to the Courier-Journal (Wednesday’s front page picture!).

A BIG PERSONAL and NEIGHBORHOOD THANKS to Irene and Mike Yeager for getting the word out about both the Crossgate sensing session with Crossgate’s Lawyer, Randy Strobo, as well as the the VA Public meeting through household hand outs and neighborhood yard signs (to include adjacent neighborhoods!). Truly, thank you, Irene and Mike, for your time and commitment to this endeavor.

VA Hospital – Your Thoughts Please
By admin on September 28, 2014

Dear Crossgate resident,

I just received information regarding a blog site that provides a summary of the April 18th Public Hearing about the proposed VA Hospital site. Public comments must be received by April 29 and should be submitted to: Robley Rex VA Medical Center, Director’s Office 800 Zorn Ave., Louisville, KY 40206 or via e-mail to” LouisvilleReplacementHospital/

The blog site can be found at

Anne Stanley Hoffman, Commissioner

Help Us With Solicitors

By admin September 28, 2014

Dear Crossgate resident,

This is a reminder that the City of Crossgate has passed a “No Solicitation” ordinance. Recently, there have been several reports of people going door to door, attempting to sell various products. No person should be coming to your door asking you to puchase something or to pay for a specific service unless that person has a permit in hand from the City of Crossgate.

If a person is soliciting without a permit, call his/her attention to the ordinance. If the person contines to canvass the neighborhood, call the Graymoor-Devondale police. We want to continue to keep Crossgate safe.

Anne Stanley Hoffman, Commissioner

Neighbors Please Be Doubly Vigilant:

By admin September 28, 2014

Crossgate is generally a quiet area, with little criminal activity. With that said, we are not immune. Incidences of car-break-ins have occurred recently nearby and even in our City. While we hope these are isolated events, they may be a sign of the times.

The best way to prevent crime, or to catch a criminal, is for the community to work together. Suspicious behavior may include an unfamiliar vehicle in a driveway or on the street, a loud noise or barking dogs at night, or an occupied vehicle parked on the street. Anyway… it pays to be nosy! Report any suspicious activity to our police department (327-COPS) – Emergencies, always 911.

Graymoor-Devondale Police: 327-COPS (327-2677)

By admin September 28, 2014

We also would like to stress that residents take measures suggested by the Graymoor-Devondale Police Department as means to deter crime at home.

1. Communication is key – please call the police if you see any suspicious activity

2. Please keep garage doors closed, particularly at night.

3. Please keep house and car doors locked. Do not leave valuables in your car.

4. If you are planning a vacation or trip out-of-town, please use the house-check service the Graymoor Devondale Police provides (327-2677)

Than you for your time, and we appreciate your efforts to make our City a safe and wonderful place to live.


Mayor Daniel Grimm

Update on Animal Control Issues

By admin February 6, 2014
Many suburban cities in East Jefferson County have wild animal (deer, coyote, fox) issues. With this in mind, we ask that you follow some simple suggestions from experts:

• Never feed wild animals

• Take away any potential water sources if possible (pet water bowls, pots full of water, etc.)

• Keep pet food inside at night

• Keep garbage cans closed and covered.

We appreciate your assistance with preventing what can be significant future health and safety issues.