Crossgate is served by the Graymoor-Devondal Police Department (GDPD) through an
Interlocal policing agreement. It provides traffic, security service with a level of
familiarity with residents that assures prompt response and courteous attentiveness.
Routine Calls or House Watch requests – 327-COPS (2677) or 574-5471.
Emergencies – Call 911 and identify yourself as a Crossgate resident.

The City of Crossgate is served by the Lyndon Fire Department. For emergencies, call 911,
Non-emergencies call 425-7474.

Waste Management provides garbage and trash, yard waste and recycling services. Please do not place your garbage out prior to the night before pick-up, and return your garbage and recycling receptacles on pick-up day.

Pick-up Schedule:
Monday morning except on federal holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Christmas Day), when pickup will be on Tuesdays.

Pick-up includes:

Trash – Kitchen, bathroom, and regular household waste. Once a week, one bulk item may be put out. You must call Waste Management (962-5000) if the bulk item is oversized, i.e., a refrigerator.

Yard Waste – You are allowed either twelve 30 gallon bags, twelve three-foot bundles, or any combination of the two (i.e., six bags and six bundles). Yard waste will be taken with regular pickup but must be segregated from other trash and placed at the curb. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, brush, branches and limbs under 6” in diameter. Limbs and brush must be cut and tied no longer than 48“in length and 36” around. Special leaf pickups will be made in-season.

Recycling – Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, boxes (i.e., cereal, cracker, etc. with linings removed), corrigated boxes, soft drink boxes, orange juice cartons (rinsed out), detergent boxes (Tide, Surf, etc.). NO PIZZA BOXES! Aerosol cans. Aluminum foil, pie pans, and tin cans (rinsed). Beverage containers (soft drink bottles, beer bottles, etc). All colors of glass (rinsed). All plastic items numbers 1-6.

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Right-of-way Maintenance
Streetlighting, signage, snow removal, and paving are all city services. To report needed maintenance, fill in a request on this site under CONTACT US, contact any city official, or contact Mayor Hilbrecht at [email protected].

Property Maintenance/Regulations
Other than deed restrictions, the City defaults to Metro standards regarding property maintenance and activities.

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Drainage Oversight
The City requests that any drainage issue be submitted to a Crossgate official before being submitted to the Metropolitan Sewer District. In responding to individual requests, MSD often does not take into consideration the broader implications of their work regarding community aesthetics and property values.