Please Contact Your Insurance Agent!
Insurance tax is one of those “hidden taxes” we pay. It is a charge that is included in the premium you pay for property & casualty (and some life) policies. This tax is then remitted by the companies back to the various state and municipal franchising authorities as a fee for doing business within their jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, the underwriters don’t know where to send it unless you tell them.

Because your postal address is Louisville, KY your tax will, by default, go to Metro government – Crossgate will never see it! This means we have to make up the difference by paying more in property tax.

So it takes an affirmative action on your part to redirect this “hidden tax” to your City. With this in mind, please notify your insurance agent. He/she will know what you are talking about, and please make sure to request an acknowledgement to confirm Crossgate is receiving this insurance tax.

Please Don’t Breed Mosquitos or Collect them Like Lightning Bugs
Nothing is worse than having mosquitos ruin what would otherwise be a peaceful evening on the patio. While effective mosquito management requires integrating a variety of available control strategies, the best way to control mosquitoes is to find and eliminate their breeding sites! STAGNANT WATER…

  • remove trash, bottles and debris holding water
  • clean clogged gutters and downspouts
  • flush birdbaths and fountains
  • drain flowerpots and other garden containers weekly
  • drain water from children’s wading pools, toys, etc.
  • fill in holes and other depressions in the yard
  • clean debris out of drainage easements
  • eliminate standing water on flat roofs or water around air conditioner units
  • adjust tarps over woodpiles, grills and boats so water does not stagnate

When you can’t flush, drain or clean out tree holes, ditches, low areas or drainage easements in your yard, you can use a larvacide product. Most home-use larvacide products are harmless to the environment and will not hurt people, pets or wildlife when used properly and according to label directions. These products can often be found at various hardware, garden and pond stores.

Please Make A Good First Impression
Call us superficial. But we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to maintain the appearance of our yards – mi yarda es su yarda. It is not only important to neighbors, it has a direct bearing on property values throughout Crossgate as prospective homebuyers tour the neighborhood.

With that in mind, please be mindful to:

  • Place yardwaste and curbside garbage out only on pickup days
  • Store landscape equipment and hoses when they are not in use
  • Park cars inside garages when you can
  • Do not use pulloffs for overnight parking, or front yards when __entertaining guests.

Please Don’t Be A Noisy Neighbor
Crossgate’s appeal is largely determined by its tranquil setting amidst an otherwise bustling urban environment. With that in mind, please adhere to the Metro Noise ordinance and be aware that commercial yard maintenance is restricted to 8a-7p Monday through Thursday, 8a to 5p on Friday and is not allowed on Saturday or Sunday.

Also… if you do not have a commercial yard contractor, please be mindful of your neighbors’ activities as you maintain your own property. You could be disrupting your neighbor’s social gathering or their simple enjoyment of outdoor activities.